$80 tire discount valid from 1/1/2024 - 12/31/2024

Q: How can I verify eligibility for the Military and First Responder Tire Discount?
A: Status is validated through ID.me – a contracted company who provides secure identity proofing, authentication, and group affiliation verification for government and businesses.

Q: Who is eligible for the Military and First Responder Tire Discount?
A: All active and retired Military and First Responders.

You are eligible to verify as Military personnel if you fall into the categories below:


Active Military Personnel in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reservists Serving on Active Duty, and members of the Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program (DEP). This includes spouses and surviving spouses.

A military retiree is any member or former member of the uniformed services who is entitled, under statute, to retire or retirement (this typically requires 20 years of service). They will receive a pension as a retiree. This also includes those with a medical retirement.

These individuals would be eligible under the current branch of service that they serve (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard).

Must be on orders to deploy or a veteran.

Honorably discharged veterans are eligible. You may qualify for a special regional incentive regardless of separation date.

Not Eligible

An individual of the Ready Reserve or Selected Reserve is required to complete a specified number of drill periods per year by reporting to their reserve unit and completing the prescribed training. They are also required to complete a two week period of job-specific training. They only become active when they get orders to deploy. These individuals have completed their term of service and are eligible as a Veteran or Retired Status for this promotion only. Some individuals may not be eligible because they have not completed their active status and have not achieved their Veteran status yet.

An individual assigned to the IRR typically receives no pay and is not obligated to drill, conduct annual training, or participate in any military activities (except for periodic Muster activities) until activated by Presidential Reserve Call up Authority or until electing to drill, train, or serve in a "Drill without Pay" or an "Active Duty" role. Having previously served or retired, they would be eligible as a Veteran or Active Status during this promotion only.

An individual that maintains their military affiliation without being in the Ready Reserve. The Standby Reserve consists of two components: the Active Status List and the Inactive Status List. For soldiers who do not choose whether or not to stay in the Active Reserve, they are added to the Standby reserve. Membership in the Standby Reserves is limited to one year, after which they must determine if they are transferring to the IRR or to an active drilling unit.

Also known as State defense forces are military units that operate under the sole authority of the state government and they are partially regulated by the National Guard, but they are not a part of the US Military forces. State defense forces are authorized by state are under the command of the governor of each state. Not all states have State Guard organizations and they are not typically considered "military" under the industry standards. State Guards cannot be federalized (they would never fall under the Department of Defense) and are completely separate entities from the United States Armed Forces. Therefore, not eligible for this program.

You are eligible to verify as a First Responder if your occupation is any of the following:


Not Eligible

ID.me does not verify the following occupational titles as First Responders:

Q: What should I bring to the dealership as proof of eligibility?
A: You will need to bring the program-generated Hero Code.

Q: Am I still eligible to receive the offer if I live in a country outside of the United States?
A: Tires must be purchased/installed at a Ford Dealership, Lincoln or Quick Lane Retailer within the 50 United States.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of Hero Codes I can redeem?
A: The same Hero Code may be used twice per calendar year.

Q: Can I combine the Military and First Responders Tire Discount with other current offers?
A: Yes! This discount can be in addition to any other discount, rebate, Dealer, or Tire Manufacturer offer.

Q: Can I share this offer with my family or members of my household?
A: No, a Hero Code is non-transferrable and can only be used by the associated ID.me account holder.

Q: Who can I contact for assistance with program related questions?
A: Please contact your servicing authorized Ford Dealer or Lincoln Retailer.

Q: What is ID.me?
A: ID.me is an identity company based in America. The service is a federally certified Single Sign On that allows people to digitally prove their legal identity.

Q: How does ID.me work?
A: ID.me verifies your military status to secure your offer through a quick, simple process. Once you are verified, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique Hero Code. Customers may be asked to upload supporting documentation to confirm their eligibility status.

Q: What happens if my status is still waiting to be verified?
A: If your status hasn’t been verified within minutes, please reach out to ID.me customer service for help: https://help.id.me/hc/en-us.

Q: I do not have an email address; is there a way to verify without an email address?
A: Currently, it is required that everyone have a valid email address to be verified. This email will receive the confirmation of the offer which can be used as proof of eligibility at the dealership. If one does not have a valid email, then a new email address must be created. The customer should then use this new email address to obtain their verification and certificate number.

Q: I do not want to provide my Social Security Number; is there another method to verify?
A: ID.me requires your SSN for verification. Our partner, ID.me may require sensitive pieces of information to verify that you are eligible for a particular benefit and that no one else can claim that benefit by pretending to be you. This is typically the case for high value benefits because of the substantially increased risks of fraud. This information is strictly used for verification and fraud prevention purposes, to audit and ensure your eligibility. ID.me does not use this information for marketing or re-targeting purposes.

Please be assured that security and safety of consumer information is of utmost importance to both Ford Motor Company and ID.me. You may refer to ID.me’s Security & Compliance statements for more details.

Q: I do not want to upload any information via ID.me. Is there another process?
A: ID.me verification process must be completed. When verifying your military status, you may be asked to upload military documentation. Ford Motor Company has initiated this process to ensure the utmost level of verification, as well as to reduce dealer workload and exposure to audits associated with this program.

Q: I have uploaded documentation but not have not received an email confirmation. What should I do?
  1. Was a valid email address provided upon enrollment?
  2. Check email and SPAM folders.
  3. Your authorized Ford Dealer or Lincoln Retailer can also initiate a search using customer information and/or Hero Code.

Q: I attempted to verify but was unable to by uploading documentation. Why?
A: There are several situations that may cause your verification attempt to be denied prior to uploading a document. Some examples include the following:

Any of the situations listed above could be contributing to the reason for denial. If you are encountering issues verifying your identity, please contact ID.me. Visit https://help.id.me/hc/en-us. On this site there is a chat option, as well as 24/7/365 support for all inquiries.